Mar 10, 2012

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I wish to make an ANNOUNCEMENT. I regret to announce that — though, as I said, two years is far too short a time to spend among you — this is the END. I am going. I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE!

I’m going to focus on some other projects, which may later be found starting April 2 at As of today, I’m ending this blog. I know this will upset some people. Simply put, I no longer enjoy writing it. It was a good run, and maybe in the future something else will come up bearing the name Blackbird Press. But as for this blog in front of you — it’s finished.  Thanks for reading. But don’t be sad — the change is a result of my own growth, and I am just ready to move onto projects I find more interesting, and more beautiful.

I leave you with a list of the things from the archives I think are most worth reading.

Justin Mulwee

Travis Lambert

Tia Murray

Other Authors / Multiple Authors


Justin Mulwee

Justin is a penniless vagabond with a tiny internet soapbox.

  1. Travis Lambert says:


  2. Daniel Rubio says:

    Sad day. Not unexpcted.

  3. Excited to see your new site.

  4. Farewell for now. Looking forward to whatever is next for you.

  5. Dave Clement says:

    SAD DAY! If only someone else could take the reigns as editor and such. Thank you for your service. Will be reading you blog.
    -David Clement

  6. Bill Mulwee says:

    I too look forward to our next endeavor. I’m proud of you.

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